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Yearly Tax Preparation Services:
Preparing Corporate, Partnership and Schedule C. Keeping clients and employees in compliance with Internal Revenue Service Regulations. We seek to keep client’s tax liabilities to a minimum through the use of appropriate adjustments and deductions.

EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
Secure, Easy and Accurate electronic system for paying all federal taxes for Business.

Sales and Use Tax:
Let us help you stay current on your Sales and use taxes. The state of Georgia has a monthly mandate filing for all used car dealers. (some dealers and qualify for quarterly or yearly filing) You can be penalties up to $50 per month and/or non-renewal of your dealer tags for not filing. We can help you with any compliance issues that you are having and keep you up to date. We can negotiate and/or get an abatement of penalties

Assisting in Obtaining Dealers License:
We can assist you in obtaining a Georgia dealers License from start to finish. We Prepare, File, and obtain all documents necessary for the filing process. We will follow your application until it is approved.

Notary Services:
Witness and Authenticating Signatures, Administer Oaths, Verify Signatures, and taking Dispositions and Affidavits.

Dealer License
Application Fee for GA Secretary of State
$170 (motor vehicle division)
Articles of Corporation
Based off Credit Score
City of College Park Business License
Dealer Application Processing Fee
$1000 (paid to processor)
Deposit on Office Space
Depending on Space
Door Sign
EIN number
Based off Driving Record
Office Space First Month's Rent
Depending on Space
Phone Line
$150 (if office is at Airport Center)
Sales Tax #
Submit Application in Person
Two Day Expedited

After License has been obtain, an additional charge of $250.00 for Dealer Tag Registration and Auction Access Registration (Optional)

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