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  1. To have our client’s taxes and information returned to them in a timely manner, accurately and professionally prepared. 

  2. Immediately notify our clients of any problem or changes regarding their taxes.

  3. To be available to our clients year-round for all their tax needs.

  4. Going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all electronic and paper documents are secured.

  5. To observe our client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.     

  6. To continually have professional education for our staff to improve our technical expertise, financial knowledge and services to our client.  

  7. To keep informed of federal, state and local laws that apply to the field of practice.

  8. To the best of our ability apply these laws for the protection of our clients.

  9. To recognize the individual needs of each and every client.




  1. Be on time if appointment is scheduled.

  2. Payments are expected at time services are rendered. NO EXCEPTION

  3. To be prepared, bring correct and accurate Information, completed tax organizers, check list and make sure all, information, receipts, paperwork, etc. is in order.

  4. Be considerate and understanding regarding the time of others.           

  5. Another appointment or walk-in time will be scheduled if information is incomplete and/or you're not prepared.                                         ·



Our first responsibility is to the clients. We will take every effort to protect the interests of the client and advise the client when the client is taking the wrong course of conduct. The client is responsible for any decision made when the tax return is prepared. When the client signs the tax return it has the force of an affidavit



The second responsibility is to conduct the practice of tax service, so that it will not jeopardize our professional reputation ·or self-respect

We will not be unreasonable in requiring proof of statement made by taxpayer except when required by law, regulation and decisions by government.



The third responsibility is to the government In this respect, we will always hear in mind the practice of tax preparation is governed by the law, regulations, and decisions that make up their field of tax practice. The tax preparation plays an important role in shaping the attitude of the public towards voluntary compliance with the applicable laws



We are very mindful of the nature of the representation that may be needed to protect a taxpayer's interests. When appropriate, we would recommend that the client consults an attorney, or another person admitted to thei1Ypractice before the tax court.


Our responsibility is to review advice previously given. and returns previously prepared and filed depend upon the nature of the contract between the preparer and the client We shall have a clear understanding with the client, whether responsibility ends with the preparation of a tax return or whether the member is expected to inform the client of a later development of law, which may materially affect the tax return as prepared or the advice given.


We have a duty to explain the probable effects of the various alternatives to the taxpayer. The taxpayer must make the final decision about the position to be taken in the situations where the applicable law is unsettled or where the application of the law to the facts at hand is uncertain.


We will not permit the client to treat an item having a (bearing on the liability in a manner for which there is no reasonable basis in the law or fact Should the client insist upon the item being stated on the return incorrectly, we will withdraw and refuse to prepare the tax return.



We will withdraw from the tax preparation if the client will not permit enough disclosures to calculate the proper tax due.



We will resolve all doubts in favor of the client, providing there is a reasonable basis in law and fact for the position taken, and the client is, advised of the alternatives and the probable effects thereof.



We will avoid the appearance of an unduly close business relationship with representatives of the Internal Revenue Service. However, a'. working relationship will be maintained with the Internal Revenue Service and their employees for the benefit of all clients served by us, so the clients served will receives the very best possible service available.



We have no obligation to communicate with the Internal Revenue Service with respect to a person who we suspect have been grossly negligent or who may have committed fraud against the government.


We have a responsibility to refrain from disclosing confidential information acquired during our work except when authorized or legally obligated to do so. We have a responsibility to inform subordinates, as appropriate, regarding the confidentiality of information acquired while working and monitor their, activities to assure the maintenance of that confidentiality. We have a responsibility to refrain from using, or appearing to use, confidential information acquired while providing professional service for unethical or illegal advantage, either personally or through third parties.


We have a responsibility to refrain from false or misleading advertising as to ambiguous claims regarding the  years of experience, volume of returns done, education, certification, etc. that would lead to false impression.



We have a responsibility to comply with tax laws and regulations. Witch including, but not limited to, the timely filing, payment, and accurate preparation of all personal and business tax related documents and obligations relating to our business and personal tax returns.


Phone:  678-705-0999

Fax:  678-705-5130


Office Hours: 

By Appointment Only

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